The Future is Here! …almost

If you’ve been to my blog before, you might notice this is WAY different! For starters, it’s now a real live site, not just a blog. For seconders, how ’bout that domain name? Sexy Town, huh?

Yep, there was a big ol’ overhaul here as I look towards the future. And guess what: the future is here!

Well, it’s closer, anyway.

Back in the day, I talked about needing a cover designer for my “soon-to-be-self-published” book. (I like hyphens.) And then there was lots of radio silence. There was practically no news. My book, which I promised myself and its most ardent supporter/demander, Denise, would be self-published in 2014, was not self-published in 2014 . . . as you may have noticed.

There are two main factors for this. 1) I actually submitted to an agent, then toyed with/stressed about sending it to more agents. 2) I broke my right hand in September.

Now, when your novel needs a little more formatting done, factor 2 is a HUGE thing. For the five weeks my dominant hand was in a cast, I almost never opened my laptop. You can’t really get much done formatting-wise with a cast on your hand. (Of course, it makes being a marionette puppeteer extremely hard as well, but that’s another story.) And then, when I got my cast taken off, things got hectic at work.

So here’s the update: I have a cover which (depending on the day) I am 95-99% happy with. I am working on that last bit of formatting. I am getting the needed accounts up and running (like this one, my own domain name!). And I am about to pick a date, announce it, and be stuck with it! Nothing like the fear of being held to your word to keep you working.

If you would like to be kept up to date with what’s happening with Runaways (book 1 of The Orbiters), please subscribe to my mailing list (top right of the screen). I won’t fill your inbox that often, I promise, but I’d love to let people know how things are going.

Now, I’m off! More formatting to do! If you have any questions about the book, me, or writing in general, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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