They Might Be Giants gives us a Flood for free!

Like many of my generation, I first heard of the band They Might Be Giants because of their album Flood. That was in 1990. How do I know? I’ll actually never forget because the song “Theme from Flood” includes the lyric: “It’s a brand new album for 1990.” Kind of hard to forget, huh?

Flood Live

In celebration of the album’s 25 anniversary, TMBG has released a live version of Flood, recorded in Australia, for FREE! Seriously, you can get it here. For free!

Unlike Counting Crows’ August and Everything After: Live at Town Hall, the live version of Flood isn’t in the same order as the original album (heck, “Theme from Flood” is the last song, moved from starting the album), but it still flows well. The Johns know how to craft a concert (I know; I’ve seen them live 3 or 4 times), and the shuffling of song order was obviously well thought out.

If you grew up listening to Flood, give this version a chance. You’ll not only hear the songs you love in a new way, but you’ll be reminded of songs you’d forgotten (like “We Want a Rock” and “Letterbox” for me).

If you don’t know the album that introduced many people to “nerd rock,” then why not spend zero monies to become acquainted with the quirky band who made the accordion a rock instrument?

I mean, come on, it’s free.

I can’t leave without reminding you of our childhood. Enjoy.

TMBG’s song “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” is actually a cover of the 1953 song.


Do you reminisce about Flood only? Think The Spine is the greatest? Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite TMBG album or song.

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