Runaways on The Loose!

Runaways (The Orbiters, book 1) is now for sale! And I’m still a little dazed that I am now “an author” versus “a writer.” Take a look at this screen shot!

Runaways on Amazon!

My book! For sale! That’s crazy!

Last Wednesday night, our friends Dean and Michelle (and their dog Turk) joined my wife, Julie, and me (and our dog Tak) for a Publish Party! We toasted drinks, Julie played Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man”, and I clicked a button marked “Save & Publish” on a website. I even made my own little sound effect for the button… something like pting!

I’m thinking about having a slightly bigger “Oh My Gosh I Can’t Believe I Finally Published!” Book Release party at some point, but for now it’s kinda just back to normal. Oh, and back to writing the next book in the series, of course.

Runaways (The Orbiters, book 1) is now for sale at Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, and (soon) Barnes & Noble.

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