My So-Called Life — I mean word count

The TV show My So-Called Life helped my word count. No, really. Here’s a little post I wrote for my home region on the National Novel Writing Month forum. The question was about tips, tricks, or anecdotes to help get to 50,000 words in 30 days.

Here's me, working hard.

Here’s me, working hard.

“Need just a (very) little extra help with word count? Remember Jordan Catalano? If you don’t know who he is, here’s the gist: he was a character on the TV show My So-Called Life, and it felt like EVERY TIME his name was said, he was referred to as Jordan Catalano. Never just Jordan. Always Jordan Catalano. So in NaNoWriMo, his name would net you two words…every single time you wrote it.

Sure, that won’t rack up thousands and thousands of words, but every word counts. In a comedy I wrote one year for NaNo, I had a character named Toddrick T. Templeton, IV, for that very reason.”

So there you go, my little helper tip. What other tips or tricks do you have for reaching 50k in November?

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