Smarter Artist Summit 2016

here This week I will be in Austin, TX to attend the Smarter Artist Summit, hosted by the guys behind the Self Publishing Podcast.

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follow Which is funny because I don’t listen to the Self Publishing Podcast*. Under the umbrella of Sterling & Stone, these three guys (Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, and David Wright) write fiction. I mean a LOT of fiction. We’re talking like a bajillion words every four and a half months or something. On top of that, they’ve also authored a few non-fiction books about the craft of writing and self publishing. Write. Publish. Repeat. and Iterate and Optimize are the two I heavily recommend if A) you are in any way entertaining the idea of self publishing and 2) don’t mind a little swearing from time to time.

enter site Back to the summit though. Let me start by saying I love the phrase Smarter Artist because their point is the days of being a starving artist are over. Be a smarter artist instead, and approach the post-creation side of your art (whatever it may be) as an entrepreneur to get it in front of the right people.

viagra y cialis genericos OK, NOW back to the summit. As its website says: “2 days of teaching and discussion about what works in indie publishing today … and the strategies that will take you to the next level tomorrow.” This comes at the perfect time, since I will be leaving my full-time job as a marionette puppeteer at the end of April in order to focus on my writing/publishing and acting.

watch And it was kinda “meant to be,” if you believe in those sort of things. You see, the summit isn’t cheap. I got the email newsletter from Sterling & Stone announcing it, and I immediately wanted to attend. Then I saw the price tag, so I deleted the email. A month later, another email came as a reminder. I happened to not delete it, but I knew I wouldn’t be going. Then, out of no where, I was offered a marionette gig for a film that paid THE EXACT PRICE OF THE SUMMIT. I only put that in all caps to wake you up. Oh, and also because I found it pretty freaking amazing! Plus, again, this is perfectly timed with when I am leaving the puppet theater to pursue writing full-time.

source site Needless to say…….

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-levitra-online-sicuro-Abruzzo (People use that phrase, then go ahead and say it anyway. What’s with that?)

click here Needless to say, I’m excited about attending the summit. While in Austin I will take copious notes and continue working on my plan for what’s next in my fiction. I can’t wait to report back!

And if you know any good vegan restaurants in Austin (I’ll be south of the river but think I can get away in the evenings), let me know!

* = re not listening to the podcast: since purchasing my ticket I have listened to two or three episodes, but really their book Write. Publish. Repeat. and their fiction that I’ve read was enough for me to say, “These guys know what they’re talking about, and I want to be in the same room as them.” I have also downloaded a few episodes to listen to on the flight west.


  1. First, I wish you were in Dallas, or at the very least that Austin was closer to Dallas.
    Second, it’s Austin. Of course there are good vegan restaurants, if there is such a thing. 🙂
    Last, so psyched about you writing full time. Part of why I love Julie and I haven’t even met her, yet!

    • First, I KNOW! Stupid big state.
      Second: True. And there is such a thing. We have some amazing places here in NYC, places Julie asks to visit even though she totally eats meat.
      Last: yeah, I’m crazy excited. I love her and am so grateful that she is so supportive with this huge step…she’s swell.

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