“A” is for Austin- #atozchallenge

This week I attended the Smarter Artist Summit (SAS) in Austin, TX. It was hosted by “the boys” of Sterling & Stone. They write fiction, non-fiction, and host like 9 podcasts, including the Self Publishing Podcast (NSFW). I know that’s all a mouthful, but these guys are a handful. So it makes sense.

Me, exhausted after day 1 of SAS

Me, exhausted after day 1 of SAS

As the SAS website says, the summit was “2 days of teaching and discussion about what works in indie publishing today … and the strategies that will take you to the next level tomorrow.” You can read more about Sterling & Stone and my thoughts leading up to it at my post Smarter Artist Summit 2016.

Instead of summing up all I learned (which I couldn’t because mind=blown!), I’ll just say that I came away with some actionable steps to take in the next few months to improve, not only my writing habit, but my business as a whole. Sure, there were some speakers who spoke in generalities, but some drilled down to such specificity that they were practically creating my “to-do” list for me. And, of course, I met some AMAZING authors! I can’t wait to introduce them to you. I truly believe there are people I met in Austin who I will stay connected to the rest of my career.

If you have self published, or are looking into it, what books/blogs do you read for info? What podcasts do you listen to? Which self published authors do you just love?

Hat tip to Clarice Creates for introducing me to Blogging from A to Z Challenge.


  1. Yay! Glad I could lure you into this with me. Alexis is also doing it. Muahahaha! More blogging for all of us? Also, this sounds great! I’m going to have to go check out your Smarter Artist Summit post for more info. I love when I get great actionable advice!

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