“G” is for Ghost- #atozchallenge

The Ghost in the mp3 is a project where we can hear and see music and images made from the sound and/or video lost during compression to mp3.

the ghost of Tom's Diner

the ghost of Tom’s Diner

You may have heard mp3 called “lossy” or a “lossy format.” This is because the conversion process of a song to mp3 literally loses data during compression in an effort to reduce file size. (fully explained here) JPEG is lossy as well, so don’t save that file over and over in Photoshop, or you’ll damage the detail and color of the original.

Anyway, I just think it’s fascinating to see what we aren’t hearing, as weird as that statement is. Once at the site, make sure you follow the Project Info & Audio Samples link near the bottom for a more detailed explanation and more samples. The Facebook page has even more examples, including Neil Young’s album “Harvest.” Fascinating stuff.

What comes to mind when you hear and see this weird stuff?


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