“I” is for Injury- #atozchallenge

July of 2015, there was a car wreck. Nasty rain on the highway, and a few cars in front of us rear-ended each other. I managed to miss the car directly in front of us, but then got slammed into by the large utility truck behind us. This then slammed us into the car in front of us. Lots of back-and-forth with my neck.

Not a good thing.

So besides three bulged discs in my neck, I also have this going on:


Yep, a herniated disc, pushing on my spinal nerve, causing tingling/numbness in my left hand/fingers and pain in my left arm.

And sometimes, mostly at work where my job description is pretty much “dangle heavy objects in front of you at arms’ length,” I look like this:


But I’m getting there. Physical therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, daily pain meds, Salon Pas patches, and Biofreeze spray!

I’m grateful I found the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, because typing is pretty painful for me still, but this gives me a chance to get back to writing in small chunks. I’m not focusing on getting a few thousand words per day yet, just something brief with the alphabet as my guide.

It’s like training wheels.

I didn’t really choose a theme for the Challenge, so as I continue with the alphabet, if there are any words or phrases you like to see me tackle, drop me a comment. 

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