“L” is for Lettuce- #atozchallenge

I’m allergic to lettuce. It’s a very mild allergy, but I’m allergic to lettuce. Which is stupid, because as one person said, “It’s just crispy water; how can you be allergic to that?!”

Well, well...we meet again, old foe.

Well, well…we meet again, old foe.

Other stupid allergies include pecans but not peanuts, shrimp but no other shellfish, and the big kicker:


Seriously, cantaloupe is a bad enough allergy that were I to eat it, my throat would close up.

How dumb is that? Cantaloupe.

Usually, when I tell people about my food allergies, they ask if I carry an EpiPen. And I get where they’re coming from, but really, think back on your life…how hard has it been to avoid accidentally eating cantaloupe or lettuce?

Other than a run-by fruiting, of course.

What about you? Any weird allergies in your life?


  1. Ben’s allergies are coconut and cilantro of all things… At least his allergy is mild enough that I can still eat cilantro. I had forgotten about yours.

  2. Oh! The run by fruiting! 🙂 Love Mrs. Doubtfire! 🙂

    I feel blessed to not actually be allergic to any foods, but I totally get where you are coming from. I would never actually go out of my way to eat cantaloupe or lettuce. I much prefer field greens and strawberries; are you allergic to either of those? 😉

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