“M” is for Midpoint- #atozchallenge

According to the calendar, I am midway through the month of April. Today is the midpoint of the Blogging A to Z Challenge. I started this challenge as a way to get me back to the keyboard without a huge time commitment. And that’s worked like a charm. There were a few days (yesterday, for example), when I didn’t write anything, but I made it up today. Got back on track with two posts. I even “cheated” with the letters J and K, but not really, because I did that on purpose because I think having my initials is amusing. JK! Except, not jk! For realzies!

Anyway…I’m not sure what the future holds for my writing. I am down to SINGLE DIGITS as far as how many days I have left at work, and I’m almost beginning to freak out. I know I can’t jump right back into long writing days, knocking out 4-6k a day until my neck and arm have healed more, but I do want to keep writing something each day. Heck, maybe not even taking Sundays off as we have with the A to Z Challenge. In the future, though, I think I should probably have some sort of theme each month. Just writing “all over the place” means it’s a lot harder for me to think of something to write because there are too many choices.

It’s funny, I feel like there are a lot of letters left in the alphabet, like a lot! but the calendar says no. The calendars assures me I have already written as many letters are there are left to write, so I guess I’m OK.

Are there any themes you’d like to see me tackle in later months? If so, let me know!



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