(The Orbiters, book 1)


Sixteen-year-old clone Ching Shih is trying to escape the science lab where she was created and raised. At the same time, Isambard Tims is fleeing a life under the thumb of an overbearing religious zealot. Along the way, he befriends Outis, a seven-foot tall Cyclops kept as a slave for an intergalactic traveling carnival.

On a distant planet, a lizard-like teen named Ajum-Tah finds an ancient artifact in the wreckage of a spaceship. Running from mercenaries, he flees his home planet in search of a mysterious organization that holds the answers to his questions.

When the four runaways meet, they assume it is by chance. But as their pursuers close in around them, they realize what looks like luck may actually be the result of the artifact itself.

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