“F” is for Finally!- #atozchallenge

follow I did our taxes tonight. Which, in this age of TurboTax, doesn’t sound like a big deal. And in years past, it wasn’t. I plugged in my W-2 info, my student loan interest paid, and called it a day. But… Continue Reading

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“B” is for Backstory- #atozchallenge

see My father says, “Whoever steals from me steals twice.” In other words, if you think my idea is good enough to steal, I’ve probably stolen it from someone else. In this case, Clarice Creates talked about writing backstory today. I won’t… Continue Reading

“A” is for Austin- #atozchallenge

source url This week I attended the Smarter Artist Summit (SAS) in Austin, TX. It was hosted by “the boys” of Sterling & Stone. They write fiction, non-fiction, and host like 9 podcasts, including the Self Publishing Podcast (NSFW). I know that’s all a mouthful,… Continue Reading