“F” is for Finally!- #atozchallenge

I did our taxes tonight. Which, in this age of TurboTax, doesn’t sound like a big deal. And in years past, it wasn’t. I plugged in my W-2 info, my student loan interest paid, and called it a day. But now it’s different. A lot different! And not just because I’m filing jointly, but because my wife is a priest, and their taxes aren’t like anyone else I know. Every time she pays to park at a hospital? Deduction. Dry cleaning her black priest shirts? Deduction. Plus, she’s considered self-employed in NYC, so there’s the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax, which is as confusing to figure out as it is to say.

Seriously, it was a two day event, ending at almost 2:00 AM. So yeah, I’m excited that I finished. Finally!


“B” is for Backstory- #atozchallenge

My father says, “Whoever steals from me steals twice.” In other words, if you think my idea is good enough to steal, I’ve probably stolen it from someone else. In this case, Clarice Creates talked about writing backstory today. I won’t tell you what she said, but you should definitely read it yourself here.

that's me, stealing from Clarice

that’s me, stealing from Clarice

Writing backstory is one of my weaknesses. Actually, I take that back, writing backstory isn’t that hard for me… brainstorming backstory is.

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“A” is for Austin- #atozchallenge

This week I attended the Smarter Artist Summit (SAS) in Austin, TX. It was hosted by “the boys” of Sterling & Stone. They write fiction, non-fiction, and host like 9 podcasts, including the Self Publishing Podcast (NSFW). I know that’s all a mouthful, but these guys are a handful. So it makes sense.

Me, exhausted after day 1 of SAS

Me, exhausted after day 1 of SAS

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Update on updating…which I don’t do well

Recent conversation:

“Oh, you’re a writer? Do you have a blog?”

I really wanted to answer, “No, I have a book,” but that felt kinda snarky. Instead I explained yes I do, but because of a car accident and hectic work schedule since December, it hadn’t been updated in long time. Which is all true, but it still sounded excuse-y.

I should have just answered, “Yeah, but I suck at updating it.”

I suck. Sorry.

I suck. Sorry.

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My So-Called Life — I mean word count

The TV show My So-Called Life helped my word count. No, really. Here’s a little post I wrote for my home region on the National Novel Writing Month forum. The question was about tips, tricks, or anecdotes to help get to 50,000 words in 30 days.

Here's me, working hard.

Here’s me, working hard.

“Need just a (very) little extra help with word count? Remember Jordan Catalano? Continue Reading


YA is for Everyone


In January of 2012, while still working on the first draft of Runaways, I attended an event at Books of Wonder, here in NYC. The authors on the panel that night were Carrie Ryan, Beth Revis, Julie Cross, Megan Miranda, and Maureen Lipinski. During the Q&A portion I asked this question:

“Do you feel confined now that you’re labelled as a Young Adult author?” Continue Reading